The story of mysterious Slotlady

Today we are going to tell you about the famous Slotlady! So, who is Slotlady?

This smiling and bright girl is famous for running the Slotlady gaming channel, posting videos about gambling on YouTube and live to stream on Twitch.

Slotlady has more than 179 thousand subscribers on Youtube and 5 thousand followers on Twitch now. Her real name is Sarah Ellen, and she is 28 years old. She currently lives in Toronto but has followers from all around the world. Slotlady is among the most prominent female gaming streamers on YouTube at present. Not much is known about her because she is reluctant to talk a lot about personal life.

Sarah usually talks about the releases of new videos, journeys and very little about her everyday life. It is known that she likes physical activity and often goes to the gym apart from her gambling activities.

This girl started playing slots at the age of nineteen and didn’t want to stop. Her channel on Youtube was created in 2017 due to her passion of gambling and the strong desire to share it with the world.

The very first video appeared in July 2017 after Sarah announced the launch of a new project on the famous Vegas Fanatics forum. Her best videos have gained more than a million views so far.

  • Slotlady is a professional live casino streamer.
  • There are about 180 thousand subscribers on her Youtube channel.
  • Slotlady started to gamble when she was nineteen.

True Love of Gambling

The fans of gambling can find a lot of exciting content and true gambling experience on her channel, since Slotaldy often arranges live streaming of online play sessions or broadcasts right from the land-based gaming houses. New videos appear on her channel every day at 7 p.m. She doesn’t forget about her fans even during holidays.

Slotlady stands out among other bloggers because she rarely uses editing and often conducts exciting live broadcasts apart from the publication of pre-recorded content. Although she is particularly fond of slots, there are also videos about such popular games as Craps, Poker and Blackjack. If you are one of the followers, you should know that she plays blackjack more often.

We can see that she strives to keep the audience interested by producing content of a brand-new format. Maybe she will become BlackjackLady or CasinoLady soon, who knows?


Favourite Casinos and Games

By the way, her favourite online casinos are Party Casino, Casilando, PlayAmo and Mr. Green. She prefers famous slots based on popular movies or TV shows and timeless classic games. It is interesting that her favorite slot machines are legendary Playboy Slot, The 3rd Extra, Flintstones, Sex and the City, The Simpsons and the Game of Thrones titles. The girl also often visits the casino located in Niagara Falls and travels to Las Vegas.


The Mission of Slotlady

Her main mission is to show the real gambling experience full of adrenaline and bright emotions, and her followers are entertained with both her ups and downs. True love of gambling motivates her to be honest with the followers while sharing her feelings.

The greatest moments happen when the girl gets a great payoff or a handpay. Slotlady likes to entertain fans by singing on especially lucky days. Her biggest jackpot occured in March 2019 when she received an absolutely colossal prize in the amount of more than $5,000 while playing on Aristocrats Wonder 4 Buffalo Gold slot. Of course, she has bad days sometimes, but she is not ashamed to talk about losses as well. However, her fans know that

Slotlady never gives up and continues to play until she loses everything or wins the jackpot. As a rule, Sarah spends about $100 for each slot game. If something goes wrong, the girl says that maybe she will be lucky next time. She tells sincerely that she doesn’t make money gambling because all the games are house-advantageous, however, it is possible to win in the short term. Sarah strongly recommends gambling for entertainment and betting only this amount of money that you can lose without regret.

Slotlady has gained such massive popularity in the English-speaking community that she was able to open her own online store where she sells branded clothes, phone cases and bags. All products are decorated with the smiling lemon, the official logo of Slotlady. Sarah has also collaborated with the famous streamer Brian Christopher to release a joint video. There have been a lot of discussions about her professionalism since the channel became extremely popular. Nevertheless, Slotaldy continues to come up with new captivating content despite the negative comments and haters.


If you want to immerse into the real gambling world, check the videos of Slotaldy and enjoy the surge of genuine adrenaline and excitement!

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