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Together with the progress came modernized versions of many games, including slot machines. Recently, online casino slot machines became popular among gamblers all around the world. The biggest part of games collections of modern gambling platforms consists of numerous slots. For many players, traditional slots in brick-and-mortar casinos are not so attractive now, when they have so many variations online, with more favourable features and bonuses. 

Slots are quite easy to play since this type of casino game doesn’t require any skills or experience. It is rather a game of chance where the outcome depends on the luck you’ve got.In fact, in most cases, these are three spinning reels with some signs or digitals on them, which, if they match, guarantee you a win. 

There are also more complex types of slot machines. They propose various bonus games and possibilities for players to get more winning matches. On our Maxi website, you can find the best slots offerings from various software developers, with great features and promotions. Here, you will be able to discover slots with outstanding visuals and graphics. But if you’d like to learn more about slot machines, here are some facts you may need. 

Detailed Description

Players of video slot machines simply aim to have all the signs on the reels lined up in a winning line to gain coins. In order to better understand this or that slot machine, you can look at the paytable. This table presents all necessary information, including the rules and explanations on each symbol and how much the line consisting of these symbols ‘costs’. Moreover, these tables will help you to distinguish Wild cards and Scatters. Wild symbols can replace any other symbol except a Scatter, thus creating a winning combo if you already have two matching symbols. Wilds may also bring some multipliers. There are various kinds of Wilds, and these are Shifting, Wandering, Sticky, Trailing and Expanding Wilds.

Scatters are also quite advantageous symbols which allow players to activate special features and bonus rounds. We can assure you that in most cases the latter is represented by Free Spins. We advise you to read the paytable every time you try a new slot because the rules significantly differ from game to game. 

When it comes to Bonus games, they can be very amusing as well as they bring in some serious winning combinations. Now, activating a specific bonus game will depend on the individual symbols that land on a payline. Some video slots will have randomly starting bonus plays, so at any point during the game, you can trigger the feature without having to land any symbols on the reel.



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How To Play Slots Online

There is now such a thing as a strategy for online slots. But there are several tips we can give you. Of course, the first step is to decide on the size of your bankroll and how you are going to manage it, thus you will be sure when to bet higher and lower.

Then, learn the paytable closely. In case you are a newbie in slots, start with free classic slots with three reels in order to understand the main principles of how slots function. After you get used to playing slots, move to more advanced and real-money slot machines. But mind that when it comes to slots, luck is what plays the main role.

Also, it would be better to start with games that offer bonus rounds. Thus, you will have an opportunity to win a greater gain and ascertain that winning in casinos is not a myth.

As we already said, the traditional variant of slots you may meet in the brick-and-mortar casino, is a machine with three reels. On the reels there are some symbols that are to match. If these symbols match, you win. Multipliers are meant to enhance the gains of players. Some of them are activated for the whole win, and others apply only to the certain line bet. The multiplying feature allows you to double up or triple the size of the win. Some can even make the win 10 times bigger. You will discover different kinds of multipliers like Free Spin, Base Play and Scattered multipliers, as well as Multiplying Wilds, for instance. We want to highlight the fact that although multipliers are designed to boost players' bankrolls, you don't necessarily win big just by using them. So, again, check the paytable beforehand! The number of paylines depends on the type of game. Some slots developers insert only around 250 winning lines, while others can reach 1,000 or even more of them. To find out the precise number of possible winning lines, see the paytable or look beside the reels. Generally, slot machines give players an opportunity to select the number of lines you are going to play with. However, in order to profit the most from slots, we advise you to activate all the paylines available. Click on the ‘Max Bet’ button in case you want all paylines to be in play. Right after you select the preferable number of lines, you are welcome to place line bets. 

Usually, the minimum bet size per line is around 0.01 units and the maximum ranges considerably. 

Types of Online Slot Games

As a rule, slots are classified into categories according to several factors. These factors are the amount of reels in play together with the number of paylines available. Throughout the time, video slots have transformed and improved significantly. The developers of slot games have paved a long path from usual three-reel slot machines to modern 3D slots with incredible graphics and sound effects.  

Classic Slots or Frutties are the traditional slots with three reels and a single payline. There are also frutties with up to five paylines. On the reels you can see fruits as well as 7s and bars. This type of slot game doesn’t propose any bonuses or free spins. 

As well as in the video slots, players have to get a matching sequence of symbols to win. The chances of win are still lower than in the video slots variations. 

Video Slots are an improved variant of classic slots. This type of game has a bigger number of paylines featured in the game, better design and more staking options. Video slots are often themed and offer a vast range of different bonuses. 

The last type we want to discuss is Progressive online slots. This kind of video slots is a godsend for gamblers. These slot machines increase the size of the jackpot with every new stake from every player. The game continues until one lucky player takes the prize. We believe that the best online slots for Canadian players are Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune Dreams.


"I adore slots!" Slots truly make the Ashley's lifestyle, that's why she's more than 4 years writes about them at our website. Of course, Ashley have tried various online titles such as roulette, craps or baccarat, but slots are what she likes the most. She gets maximum pleasure out of making spins and seeing how the outcome is growing. Ashley is a real slots expert, so read her article once you want to stay tuned about all the slots' tips and tricks.



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