Scratch cards appear to be the most uncomplicated and the simplest game of chance. Once you are a newcomer and haven’t still familiarized with the vast collection of  casino titles, you have definitely seen the lottery tickets composed of various scratch cards in the windows of street kiosks, shops, malls and other popular public places. Nowadays the game is  accessible via the most trustworthy gambling platforms which include plenty of stories, designs and themes which are reflected in the scratch cards so it’s almost impossible to not to look at them. Actually, you may reach the prizes of millions and billions dollars doing NOTHING. 

The lovers of the scratch cars will be happy to know that our web page now offers a ranked list with the trendiest scratch cards titles where you may gain real funds! All you should do is to click and choose the theme or design you like the most! One simple click - and you have a probability of a huge win!

The scratch card basics

Usually, most gamblers don’t expect much from the game for the first time. Generally, the entire game is built on pure luck!  Moreover, there could be three different variations of the prominent scratch cards a gambler should distinguish :

  • scratch cards providing an instant win
  • lined scratch cards
  • scratch cards having multiple chances.

Mind the fact that your odds to win as well as the odds to hit the jackpot directly depend on which type of the game you have chosen. Moreover, all the titles may involve various themes and designs, which will definitely make the game process more exciting.

The sense of the title

Nowadays you may operate two different modes of the title - the scratch cards played online as well as the real-life ones. The ordinary real-life scratch cards are the traditional ones and are pretty familiar to our mothers and fathers. Ask them - and they will tell you about various kiosks and shops where you were able to pay a few dollars and get an opportunity to win billions! The scratch card culture was enhanced in the 70s, when everyone believed that one lucky card would change his life. Why not then? Everybody is able to buy such a card for some coins and to win a fortune!

Due to the computerization of the casino titles, the game of scratch cards moved to gambling platforms. The main sense stayed the same - the gambler simply scratches the card in order to understand if there is a win or not. The main distinguishing factor is that the scratching is something more formal, because the gambler doesn't need to do it with a coin, for example. Moreover, the overall process became quicker and smoother than ever before. 



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The history of scratch cards

The scratch cards’ story starts in the 70s, which indicates that this game isn’t rather ancient. There were two American guys called John Koza, who was a programmer, and Daniel Bouwer, who was a marketer. Generally, the title  was invented and developed by them in 1974 as they were making research on how to ameliorate the lotteries’ mechanisms. In the end, they have created a system which provided the gambler with instant results that indicated whether he has received a prize or not. The cards were invented in Massachusetts, but then started spreading all over the world. The kiosks were the most accessible place for such scratch cards, so that’s why your mothers and fathers have bought scratch cards specifically there.

The main drawback of the game is that such cards had rather slow payouts. Most people have taken into consideration that big wins may take several months or even years. So once you have gained a huge sum of money while scratching such a card, then be prepared to wait for a long time. That’s why right after the online scratch card variations appeared they became extremely popular due to the rapid payouts and overall simplicity of actions. If you like how the coin scratches a card, then you should buy a traditional one. Once you are craving to win big and receive your prize in a couple of seconds, then online-based scratch cards seem to be the perfect solution for you. 

How to choose a proper gambling platform for the title?

You may find plenty of gambling platforms that provide the Canadian gamblers with such cards. Remember that our team has prepared a special ranked list of the top gambling platforms with the greatest winning odds where you may find both the special cards designed for the high-rollers and for those who don’t want to waste extra money. Nevertheless, we’ve created a dedicated list concerning the must-have issue you should take into consideration before choosing a casino. 

  • Reputation of the casino. The casino’s reputation. Of course, the game may appear perfect and possess an excellent design. But once you aren’t able to take back your cash, does the design matter? That’s why check the casino reviews in advance so as to choose solely the trustworthy platform. 
  • Jackpot odds and Winnings odds. Remember that there’s a distinguishing factor between the terms the “jackpot odds” and the “winning odds”. Nevertheless, both directly depend on the type of the scratch card. So the more the card costs, the higher is the size of the greatest prize offered by the platform. Moreover, small and medium winning frequency also depends on the game’s cost (despite some great exceptions which are rather profitable). 
  • Game type and design. As aforementioned, the game of scratch cards may involve three general types of scratch cards such as those with rapid win, those with lines and those which involve multiple chances. Moreover, the gambler is now able to choose out of the billions designs and themes, so let’s go!

How to operate scratch cards?

Frankly speaking the scratch cards lovers don’t actually need any explanations or advice as nobody is able to influence the outcome as it is built on pure luck. This statement is suitable for both online played scratch cards and the most traditional ones. The ordinary scratch card is printed and the gambler is nor able to manipulate it somehow, while an online played scratched card is exploiting the Random Number Generator which easily expels fraud and is aimed to determine the card while the gambler is scratching it. 

Types of Scratch Cards

As it was aforementioned, an average gambler isn’t able to influence the possible outcome, but what he can definitely do is to pick out the proper scratch card type which will bring him the maximum level of enjoyment. The main thing you should bear in mind is that such a title is the game of chance, which is dedicated to provide the gambler with an emotional reload, not solely to enrich him. Once you want to pick out  the proper scratch card type, then read thoroughly the information below:

  • Scratch cards providing an instant win - remember that all the types of scratch cards offer the gambler  quick payouts. While we speak about this type of game, remember that it informs the gambler right after the scratch is finished. So the gambler understands has he lost or won in  a click! And that’s it! We can’t say that such cards are the most exciting ones, but they truly provide the gambler with the necessary experience, that’s why this type is excellent for the newcomers. 
  • Lined scratch cards.Usually such cards cost more, but are really relaxing to scratch. The main sense of the game is in creating a line of several winning symbols. Such cards also involve special pay tables which determine the winning’s size based on the line power arranged. Once you want to try something truly exciting, then pick out the Lined scratch cards. 
  •  Multiple wins scratch cards. Such scratch cards offer the gambler more than a one chance to try. They are specially dedicated for those gamblers, which don’t like losing a game and want to try one more time. Normally, such cards offer the gambler to match the concealed symbols with the winning one. Once there’s a complete match, the gambler wins. Once he has made his match in heaven, then he receives a jackpot!

The glossary and strategies

Now it’s time to pick out a proper strategy to increase your budget while trying scratch cards. The first feature to mention - you should enhance your bankroll, because the number of the games you play directly depends on your winning odds. So the more cards the user scratches - the more winning chances he has. For instance, once you have solely 6 dollars to play, then it would be rather profitable to try one scratch card with the value of one dollar six times in a row. Once there are winning odds of 1:4, you’ll definitely gain some cash while gambling. In case you are craving to win big sums of money and there’s a chance to buy a 6-dollar scratch card, then there’s only a single chance to win and it’s not that big. Nevertheless, it’s up to you to decide which card you should buy, so good luck!

Once you are craving to know more about several specific conditions of the game, we should inform you that the game has no such conditions at all! Speaking about the terminology, scratch card gamblers operate the same terminology as those gamblers who prefer table games or slots. All you should know is the set of such words as autoplay, free play and real-money play. As the title is as simple as a pie, you don’t need any complex background.


Douglas is an experienced writer and gambling observer. He writes about all types of titler for more than 6 years. At the website, Douglas thoroughly reviews all the upcoming sources so as to filter the information and provide the readers solely with the selected and useful data, which is definitely worth reading. He also analyses the gameplay of a selected title and tests various tactics so as to write about his gambling experience in his articles.



The simpler - the better. These words are truly the motto for this game. That’s why plenty of gamblers adore scratch cards, as they offer simple rules and immediate payouts. For those gamblers who expect something as complicated as craps or baccarat the game process may seem less exciting, but those gamblers who love simplicity and generous prizes will like the title. Thousands of Canadian gamblers adore scratch cards, that’s why we strongly advise you to exploit your special ranked list where all the leading scratch cards operators are collected. Moreover, you may look at the details and choose the platform you like the most. Good luck and great wins!

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