Roulette Game Explained

Roulette is the game that appeared back in the 18th century. People argue about who exactly has managed to create this type of game, some evidence tells us about the scientist by the name Blaise Pascal who accidentally created an initial form of the roulette wheel in the 17th century, some say it is a mix of Birbi game with Italian origin and a gaming wheel that appeared in 1720. Some believe it was monks who first introduced the roulette wheel. But we can’t tell which of the versions is true. 

But the fact remains: the roulette game was first played in French gambling houses. The meaning behind the word ‘roulette’ is a ‘small wheel’. It is obvious that it has French roots. 

Soon after it spread across the territory of France, it paved its way to other countries. Today, players from every part of the world know this game.

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How To Play Roulette

Yes, we are sure all gamblers know that the main factor of the roulette game is a lucky chance. But still, there are some specific essentials which allow players to boost the game and enhance their winning opportunities. Of course, there is a free type of roulette for those who want to play it just for sheer leisure. 

Obviously, we will start from explaining the basics. The wheel is the main tool used in the game. There are 37 cells with 0-36 digitals on them. After the gamers place their stakes, the dealer starts the game by putting a ball on a spinning wheel and the winner is the one with the bet placed on the number the ball eventually lands on. 

There are betting limits on each table with online roulette. Also, there are several betting possibilities. So, players are able to place a stake on one number, which would mean a direct bet. Other options are staking a split bet on two different numbers, a corner bet if you desire to bet on four numbers, and a dozen bet in case you place a stake on twelve numbers in consequence. Gamers are also welcome to bet on red or black and other options. 

We can share some secrets of roulette gameplay for newbies who are interested in winning more. These tips will facilitate your game process and help you get more odds, too. 

For starters, you should know that you are allowed to place a stake on the very same number your competitor selected. The purpose of the chips with different colors is exactly differentiating the bets from different players. 

Another important thing is watching the cropier. If you are attentive enough, you can notice that some croupiers place balls on the wheels from the same angle. It means that you will be somehow able to foresee on which number it will land next. But of course it will work only for brick-and-mortar casino visitors. 

Another thing we want to say is that if you are offered a demo version of the game, try it! This helps to learn the rules better as well as to improve your skills before proceeding to real money gambling. 

We want to highlight the apparent truth: always play at the trusted and reputable gambling houses, whether online or not!


Types of Online Roulette

Today players at online betting platforms can find three variants of the roulette game. These are classic French roulette, American and European modifications. They have differences in the rules which affect the house edge. 

Differences are found on the table. The wheels differ in the number of slots and the layout. French roulette has only one zero (0) on the wheel, while American version has two zeroes (00). Thus, American roulette has a greater house advantage. 

In French roulette there are ten betting scenarios and La Partage and En prison rules apply. 

How To Win In Online Roulette

The principle steps that will help gamblers to succeed in the game are mentioned below. 

So, first of all, learn about the different types of roulette played in online betting houses and choose the one that suits your needs more. For example, you should know that, as we said earlier, in European roulette there is a La Partage rule which allows gamers to keep the half of their stake size in case a ball lands on a zero. The house advantage in this variant of the game is lower than in the American version. This is why the European type is more preferable among the gamblers.  

Such seemingly small differences affect the outcome of the game significantly! So, knowing which modification is better and which rules apply really helps to build your tactics to get bigger prizes. 

Another important thing to do is to find a reputable casino which you can trust with your finances and personal data. Before you start playing, find all information about the valid licences the platform holds, the client support service, payouts terms and conditions. 

Another piece of advice we can give is to think about the odds. We mean that many players decide to place a stake only on one number. But you should understand that the possibility of winning in that case is really low. Instead, try betting on several numbers. This step will increase the probability of winning. Yes, one number bet promises greater reward, but don’t forget about the lower chances. 

Manage your bankroll wisely. If luck came to you during the game, it doesn’t mean that you should start placing bigger bets. You shouldn’t succumb to desire. Instead, keep the initial pace. Thus, you will save your money. 

Remember about the house advantage, by the way. The house always wins! Another highlight is that there are no specific tactics or strategies when we speak about roulette! 

Sober and well rested players have more chances to win, we hope you know that simple truth!


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