Video poker is literally the first gambling game which was digitized and became extremely trendy among gamblers from all over the world. Nowadays you are free to choose among endless versions of the trendy video poker created by numerous software providers. Actually, video poker and the ordinary poker played in land-based casinos have few dissimilarities. Let’s examine the features of this exciting and old title and take a brief look into its history. 

How was it invented?

It's not a secret that the video poker history dates back to the epoch of the development of the first desktop computers. In 1970 the first version of the title was presented by enthusiasts and was rather primitive. The first professional version of video poker was created by IGT in the year of 1979 and was extremely trendy in the 80's. The main reason why  video poker became the first gambling title computerized is in its simplicity, so as the online casinos gained roaring popularity in the 90’s video poker was a true boom among the other casino titles. The experienced gamblers have discovered how to pick out a proper title so as to benefit from the promotions and welcome offers, as well as maintain correct strategies. Nowadays, it’s much more efficient to gamble online than in real-life casinos. 



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The Rules of the title

The title is operated with the ordinary card deck of 52 cards. The gambler receives five initial cards which may be discarded so as to take extra cards from the deck in order to replace the aforementioned cards. In practice, compared to the other online-played titles, video poker isn’t actually played with a Random Number Generator, but interacts with all the gamblers referring to their decisions so that’s basically the game of skills. That’s why the game’s named poker. Speaking about the free version of video poker we should mention that such variation involves no opponent so you literally play against a machine. Such a play starts while the gambler bets a sum created by one, two, three or five coins with a special value. The second step is about the interaction when the gambler is asked to worsen or strengthen his current hand so he may discard the cards which were given or draw the new ones. Right after the second step is finished, the gambler clicks on a special “deal” button to get to know more about the paybacks. Keep in mind that the amount of your payback directly depends on the cards’ combination in your hand.

Predictable and simple

The main distinguishing factor in video poker is its simplicity. All the croupier’s actions are determined by a Random Number Generator so there’s no real life croupier which will try to cheat on you. The RNG system is under law in trustworthy online gambling platforms. Moreover, pay attention to the legal status and licenses of the chosen gambling platform so as to check its official status. To add more, the game of video poker has less strategies to use once you want to play with a real life opponent. That’s why the play is simple to operate. Once you want to learn more about the poker’s most efficient strategies, then you should choose real-life poker. 

There’s one more advantage that helps the gambler to foresee the possible outcomes simply by taking a brief look at the machine. For instance, the game named “Tens or better” means that the gambler is only paid for the card combination which involves tens or the higher cards. So that all the gamblers have a chance to calculate the possible outcome before entering the game. Unfortunately, there’s no opponent - only the poker mechanism, so you are not able to cheat on it. Keep in mind that you should be responsible once you’ve decided to play for real funds.

Play Video Poker for fun right away!

Please take into consideration that video poker should be operated with the involvement of various skills and actually includes a bit of risk. Okay, what do you think about trying video poker without any downloaded software? There are several gambling platforms available for Canadians which offer the gambler a great practice experience in order to build an efficient strategy of video poker which will suit a particular poker machine. Once you are craving to receive great payouts  and be the winner in the majority of cases, then you should definitely mind the proper strategy. Moreover, a convenient gameplay is based on the search of the most suitable card to play. Generally, this process is rather complicated to get in and is usually varied by the poker machines. Bear in mind that every single poker player, even the most experienced one, has ever made mistakes. Nevertheless, the mistakes are not so bad while you’ve chosen to play in a demo mode. 

Our team is happy to provide you with the proper information, especially considering such gambling games as video poker. Our experts believe that the aforementioned advice will help you to win big and use efficient poker strategies. Once you like our small but informative articles, then keep reading us to stay tuned about the latest updates of the titles or the freshest bonuses and promotions which are offered by the top gambling platforms.


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