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Dice games are the most classic type of game that every human has played at least once. The history is not sure who exactly invented the game of dice but it is really the most ancient type of gaming known to humankind. There are several interesting facts that we discovered during our review. The first one is that back in the days ‘dice’ in English was a plural form of ‘die’. Another one is that in the ancient times dice were made from bones. We use dice when we play such iconic games as Monopoly as well as hundreds of other board games. Nowadays, as the world has never ceased to develop, we have an opportunity to play this game online.

On online betting platforms dice games are found in the ‘specialty games’ category. The gameplay is really fast and exciting, since there are so many outcomes and you can never predict which numbers will show up in the end! In the classic games two dice are used, but in order to make the gameplay more thrilling, software studios implement even more dice. 

How to Play Dice Games Online

The game is really simple and time-saving. In online games you will find numerous themed variations of the game provided by different providers. When you play online, you don’t need any specific skills in order to win. It is a game of chance where you just have to click to start the game and the dice are rolled automatically by a computer. The outcome is unpredictable; it will be shown up fully randomly. All casinos rely on the Random Number Generator in deciding the outcome.

The gaming platforms you choose should be regulated by the gambling regulatory authorities who are in charge of controlling the fairness of such games. So we always advise our readers to check the valid licences of an online gambling platform before they start playing with real money. 

Let us now proceed to the basics. There are different types of dice games, where the most common structure is 3 x 3 rows. In each online dice game you will find a paytable with rules and game’s payouts. 

Players at online gambling platforms have to just choose the sum of the bet and start the game by clicking a dedicated button. After that, the dice are rolling several times and the result is shown immediately in the form of winning points. As we said, RNG decides the outcome. The points you’ve got have a certain value so after you stop the game, the platform will convert your winnings according to the size of the bet you placed into cash units. 


What Games We Recommend

We admit the fact that online dice are far from being as beneficial and thrilling as slots or some common table game variations. Still, we have some titles for you to check out. These are mostly strategiс games. 

Our first choice was developed by StakeLogic and is called Dice Fortune. The title is known for the Wheel of Fortune implemented in the game that will allow players to gain from a hundred to a thousand points. Some gamer loved by luck will have an opportunity to get a bonus that increases your initial bet 100 times. 

Another game we can recommend is Dice O’clock provided by Gaming 1 studio. Here you will discover the clock tower scene, with the aim of the game being to get to the highest pick of this tower to spin the wheels in order to restart the flight of time. In case of success players are able to win a lot of points and even trigger some bonus games to boost the winnings even more. 

There is another alternative which is quite popular among dice admirers. It is called Yahtzee. In this type of game, players are to get a greater amount of points than other players in the outcome of 13 rounds.  

Sic Bo and Scraps

While visiting online casinos, you may have seen such quite popular games like Sic Bo and Scraps. These are two varieties of dice games, too. 

Let’s have a look at the Scraps game and try to understand the difference between the Scraps and Sic Bo dice varieties. For some players, Scraps look wild and complicated, but in reality it is simple and players can master the necessary skills pretty fast. Here, the game table is often split in two sides for gamers in both suits to play simultaneously. But there are scraps types meant for a single player. The way the table looks is the main thing that confuses gamers. 

If you get too confused at playing Scraps, you may try the Sic Bo variant. It is played really fast and the game is built on two main elements: dice together with the bets. Sic Bo is played with 3 dice, and gamers are to place stakes on the total number that will come out on all three of them or alternatively place a Single or Double stakes. These two mean that you stake on the single or two numbers to appear on one or two dice respectively. The same mechanism works with the Triple stake. 

Each stake has a certain value of payout. Players are allowed to place stakes on several possible outcomes. 

We can surely say that dice is a great option for players who want to get a new gambling experience because it doesn’t look like any popular casino game. So give it a try some time! 


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