Once you don’t know what to do with the dice but craving to get some extra funds? Then read this article till the end so as to gain more information about this amazing game! Our experts have prepared a brief guideline on how to play craps properly and win enormous sums right from your house! Moreover, there’s a short history of the game and several facts which you probably haven’t known before.

It won’t take hours to read this article - all the information will take five minutes. As a result you’ll get a great experience and some life hacks on how to win big.

A guide for craps

Several gamblers tend to think that due to the simple concept based on foreseeing the possible outcome of one throw of the dice, but it’s not true. Craps stay one of the most complex titles to get, especially for the newcomers. You hardly find another same of such rules and tension. Nevertheless, this title is considered a legendary one so plenty of movies are filmed about it. Some players don’t even realise that their favorite movies literally start with craps.

Frankly speaking, it will be harder to understand the game of craps than to understand the game of roulette, for instance. Nevertheless, it won’t take more than one-two hours to understand the basics. Read the article till the end so as to discover the main rules and tips and tricks of the title. Do your best and let’s get it started!



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Craps basics

Before you start gambling, try to memorize the information below so as to ease the overall game process :

The game of craps is composed of two different phases - the first is named as Come Out Roll Phase and the second is named as Point Phase. The gambler who is throwing or rolling the dice is a Shooter (once you prefer online craps without any live croupiers then you become a shooter). All the wagers are placed on the total sum of the two rolled dice, not a one particular dice. For instance, if the sum of two rolled dice created 8 in total, then the winning number is 8. 

The phase of Come Out Roll

This game phase begins when the bets are placed on the Pass Line. There may be several other bets variations, but in fact the Pass Line is the greatest variant for the newcomers. Right after you have made a bet (that is literally a one stake with two various outcomes as 7 and 11) then the Phase of Come Out Roll begins. The gambler who is a Shooter rolls the dice and then there could be three variations of the outcomes as :

  • 7/11- All the gamblers who have placed a Pass Line bet get the even cash and the play finishes.
  • The numbers 2,3 and 12 (or craps) - gives a loss to all the gamblers who have chosen a Pass Line bet. The play finishes as well.
  • The numbers 4-6 and 8-10 lead to the next phase of the game where the roll’s outcome is marked as a special Point Number. Moreover, a dedicated pluck appears on the gambling table.

The Point Phase

Once the Point Phase is started, then the Shooter is rolling the dice one more time. In case the point number is hit by the Shooter, then all the gamblers who have placed the Pass Line stakes receive even cash. If there’s a 7 hit by the Shooter and it has happened prior to a Point Number, then all the Pass Line stakes lose. That’s all the basics you should know to try craps for real money! Of course, there are plenty of intricacies and side bets, but they are too complex for the newcomer, so we don’t take them into consideration. 

We highly recommend you to try a few plays with the involvement of Pass Line bets so as to understand how the game works in practice. The methodology of craps is too complex to get it right the first time. Gamble and learn more, so once you have decided to get some extra information then simply go to our website. 

It’s not easy to learn the set of odds and outcomes, so exploit the basic information about the game. Do everything progressively and then you’ll see the difference. 

Craps tips for the newcomers

Okay, you may try craps in demo mode for fun, but eventually everything leads to a real money play. Bear in mind that everything will change then. Moreover, the casinos usually have an advantage over the gamblers in the long term (especially over the newcomers). We’ve collected all the tips and tricks which will turn your mindset into the correct flow. There will be several mathematical patterns as well as some logical conclusions. Hereunder you are able to find the most efficient advice considering those who adore craps. Of course, it’s up to you to follow the tips or to neglect them. Nevertheless, it’s important to read till the end - who knows, maybe you will learn something definitely new?

#1 Follow the mathematical patterns

Have you ever heard the stories where an  absolutely random guy gains billions while wagering the odds? Of course, you may repeat his actions playing craps just for fun, but in fact such actions won’t work. Mathematical pattern is a thing which will definitely work in the long term (unless you are placing “lucky tables” or “lucky stakes”). In a nutshell, the only feature you should mind while playing craps is the casino edge. Remember that your long-term winnings directly depend on the casino edge. Once you are playing craps non-stop, then you won’t win big. But… the game of craps involves one special bet which casino edge is approximately 0. Several gamblers call such a stake as Odds. Odds stake is placed (right after there’s an established Point Number) on the special number rolled before 7. Bear in mind that several gambling platforms may put some restrictions on the Odds stakes in order to defend their money. 

#2 Once you are a newcomer, place Pass Line stakes then

Most of the online gambling platforms which provide a gambler with the game of craps give him a chance to try plenty of stakes. The main thing you should know is that the ordinary Pass Line stake offers one of the lowest casino edges ever! (Except such stakes as Odds and Don’t Come or Don’t Pass). The Pass Line stake is usually wagered on 11 or on 7. And that’s it! The stake lowers the casino edge to an incredible 1.41% so all you should do afterwards is to click on the “Roll” bud and look for the match of your outcome and your bet. Once the numbers 11 or 7 are rolled, then you are winning with flying colors. Once there are the numbers 12, 2 or 3, then you lose. Once you have rolled the other number, then you are moving to the Point Phase. 

#3 Once you are experienced enough, then put Don’t Pass and Don’t Come stakes 

Okay, it’s normal to wager against the croupier, but we think that once you want to do that then you should be experienced enough. That’s why we strongly recommend all the amateurs to try Don’t Come or Don’t Pass stakes once they want to win big. Such stakes may estimate 12 as a tie or as a loss. Once there’s a tie, the casino edge is lowered to 1.36%, like in the Odds bets. Try this stake once you are craving to do something completely new! Moreover, all the platforms recommended by our team consider that 12 is a tie, so our craps selection is rather profitable for the amateur gamblers. 

#4 Once it’s the Point Phase, place the Odds!

We understand that it's almost impossible to find a loophole in the game where the gambling platform has a huge advantage over all the gamblers. The game of craps has a special stake which helps the gambler to even out the gambler’s odds with the casino’s ones. The stake called The Odds may be put on a particular number which is supposed to be rolled before 7 when it’s the Point Phase. Try to place such a stake every time in such a phase - it will be rather profitable in the future to not to think about such unnecessary details. 

The craps story

The craps story started approximately in the Middle ages. Most experts think that the game of craps has an ancient and long story which  began when Christ was born. Nevertheless, the game was first mentioned in the middle of  the XIV century and was called the Hazard. We still don’t know about the precise rules of this game (they were slightly different). At the start of the 19th century a young inexperienced gambler raised by landlords came to the USA. He was fond of math and eventually made the Hazard rules less complex by giving 7 the main position in the game. Nonetheless, both variations of the game became the  sign of bad taste among the aristocracy so that’s why the working class have spread and popularized such an exotic game. On the highest peak of its roaring popularity the name of the game has been changed to the “Craps”. The game of craps was played among all the underclass on the streets, in the bars, houses and public parks. So that an average bystander had a chance to see the gambling men literally everywhere. In the 70’s several casinos of Las Vegas included the game of craps into their games selection. Moreover, the online variation of the game appeared only 20 years ago! Okay, why was the game named like that? Several experts tend to think that it’s all about the wrong pronunciation of the world “crabs”, which means the numbers of 2 and 3 in the highest society in the XX century. 

What’s more exciting is the story about the Pass and Don’t Pass stakes. In the 20th century all the gambling houses were actually overcrowded so there was a lack of control and plenty of space for various frauds and cheats. Some gambling houses have tried to enhance the profit they get by exploiting the dice of a strange shape which had much odds for the “unlucky” numbers. The gambler named John Winn solved the problem by inventing the special Pass and Don’t Pass stakes which allow the gamblers to wager at any case. Nowadays it’s impossible to fraud while playing craps as all the cheating is wiped out mathematically by special checking mechanisms that verify the outcomes from all the throws. Of course, such technologies were inaccessible in the previous century! 


Douglas is an experienced writer and gambling observer. He writes about all types of titler for more than 6 years. At the website, Douglas thoroughly reviews all the upcoming sources so as to filter the information and provide the readers solely with the selected and useful data, which is definitely worth reading. He also analyses the gameplay of a selected title and tests various tactics so as to write about his gambling experience in his articles.



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