We have great news for those who admire anime! We have decided to make the listing of the best films that are related to gambling, so we hope you will find this information exciting. To collect all this information, we have carried out some research and of course, we have sore eyes because we have watched tons of series lately… Now, it is time to share the result and discuss the best animes with the gambling theme. So, grab your popcorn and let’s find the best series for you together! 

About Anime and its Characteristics

Many people may not be aware of what exactly anime is, so let’s speak about it for a second. For people who are unfamiliar with the term ‘anime’, it basically comes from the word ‘animation’. So, basically, anime presupposes Japanese animated cartoons, to put it simply. Animations are drawn by hand and with the help of the computer. The graphics and the very style in which anime is drawn became really popular all around the world and was partially acquired by the Western industry. 

There are various forms of anime known to modern viewers: kodomo being a treat for kids, shoujo being targeted at the girls auditory, shounen for males, and even hentai, or simply an animated pornography, which targets at the grown-up auditory, or adult animes with really complex and mostly vicious plot-twists. 

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  • unique storylines
  • ideological symbols
  • many patterns, stereotypes and types

Top 5 Gambling-themed Animes 

We have gathered a collection of five best anime series which have some gambling bone in the plot. We believe that each of them is a must for those players who also enjoy watching anime which is so popular nowadays. Some of the series are quite old, others are more state-of-the-art, but all of them have incredible storylines, so they all deserve to be in the top-5 list of ours! Let us proceed right to the number one: 

1. Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Number of ep.: 26

Genre / topic: Gambling, Thriller, Drama, Psychological 

Original: the 1st volume of Kaiji manga, Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji, by Nobuyuki Fukumoto

The first position in our rating of animes with the gambling theme included in the plot is taken by the Ultimate Survivor. It is based on the manga series about Kaiji, the author and illustrator of which is Nobuyuki Fukumoto. The series of manga we are discussing here has been released since 1996, and in the year 2007 it was decided to make a full tv-series based on the plot of Kaiji. Moreover, you can enjoy the live action film, which came out in 2009 in Japan, and a couple of years later, its sequel came out. In 2019, six more volumes were published. Are you already interested in what it's all about? Let's see what story the author tells us. 

Let’s first see what the initial title Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji of the manga means: the translation is ‘Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji’. To put it short, the main character Kaiji faces numerous problems, he decides to move to the capital city Tokyo to have a new start in life and find a place to settle. But sadly, life has lot’s of unpleasant surprises for him here as well. The state of affairs gets worse as Kaiji gets forced into the repayment of the large loan to the Japanese mafia, yakuza. Thus, having no other choice, Kaiji gets to the illegal gambling ship where the stakes are really high… But as we can’t make spoilers to heat up your interest, we advise you to go watch it yourself to see the outstanding gambling battle!

2. Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler 

Number of ep.: 12

Genre / topic: Mystery, Psychological, Drama, School, Gambling 

Original: eponymous manga by Homura Kawamoto, pictorialized by Tōru Naomura

This series first came out in 2014, so it is more state-of-the-art than the latter one. The plotline is derived from the manga series, which were authored by Homura Kawamoto and the illustrator being Toru Naomura. Anime adoration of the manga series was out in Japan in 2018, together with the live action film released the same year. The second season of the anime came out in 2019.

The place of events is the Hyakkaou Private Academy for kids from rich and authoritative families. These kids live in this academy and learn how to place high stakes instead of learning traditional school subjects. Well, sadly, if you are not a good player and acquire debts, you become a personal ‘pet’ of other students. Our main character, Yumeko Jabami, enjoys gambling just for fun and does it excellently, so as he transfers to this academy he becomes the worst nightmare of other students. See the outcome in the anime series! 

3. Akagi

Number of ep.: 26

Genre / topic: Gambling, Mahjong, Psychological, Strategy 

Original: manga series Akagi: Yami ni Oritatta Tensai written and illustrated by Nobuyuki Fukumoto

The title of this Japanese piece of art has an English translation: ‘Akagi: The Genius Who Descended into Darkness’, it was fully authored by Nobuyuki Fukumoto, the one who has also produced the number one manga in the list, Kaiji. The debut volume of manga was issued in 1991, being a spin-off of Ten, another work of this author. It has acquired a huge success, with 12 million units sold in Japan only. 

Anime version of this manga came out in 2005, but before that there were two live action movies, which were first issued in the late 90s and again throughout the period of time 2015 - 2017.

As Akagi has lots of success even nowadays, we have decided to share the storyline of this publicly acclaimed edition with our readers. The story is actually quite eventful, with many plot-twists, but we will try to explain the whole idea in a nutshell.

One inclement night, one player called Nangou was really close to losing all his funds in mahjong to the yakuza, but at the right moment Akagi arrived. Police were after him, but he managed to trick the officers. So, he plays the game of mahjong with yakuza and wins, freeing the unlucky player Nangou and taking with him a huge sum of gainings. Obviously, the story can’t be finished yet so you have to watch the anime to find out what awaits Akagi next… 

4. Legendary Gambler Tetsuya or The Legend of Gambler: Tetsuya

Number of ep.: 20

Genre / topic:  Historical, Gambling, Cheating

Original: The Legend of the Gambler: Tetsuya written by Fūmei Sai and illustrated by Yasushi Hoshino

The Legend of the Gambler: Tetsuya manga, the author of which is Fūmei Sai  and the illustrator is Yasushi Hoshino, was initially issued in 1997. By the way, this manga received an award from Kodansha Manga Award in 2000. Later on, the anime version was out, with 20 series airing from October of 2000 to March of the next year. 

Tetsuya is a great player who has no problems and sees no obstacles in defeating his competitors, so he gains lots of cash by playing, while all other people around him do their best to survive struggling with the consequences of the war.  But something extraordinary happens: this legendary player loses to Boushu-san. At the moment of defeat, the main character understands that he knows nothing about the game of mahjong, so he starts to put a lot of time and dedication into becoming the best again. This anime is quite old, but we believe that you will be able to really enjoy it and even gain some knowledge from the story and learn together with our main character. 

5. One Outs

Number of ep.: 25

Genre / topic: Psychological, Sports, Compulsive Gambling, Seinen

Original: manga by Shinobu Kaitani 

As you could notice, almost all the previously mentioned animes were dedicated to mahjong, this last one focuses also on sports apart from gambling, and unites them with masteracy! 

Manga about baseball with the same title as the anime came out in 1998, it was created by the author who has also produced a well-known Liar Game, Shinobu Kaitani. In 2008, the anime based on the manga was launched. 

The story goes about the excellent gambler Toua Tokuchi, who also happens to be a renowned figure in the sphere of the One Outs baseball game. Toua plays for the most unsuccessful team, and his methods of playing are quite unusual, involving also many persons and cash. This anime is a perfect choice for those who enjoy both sports and gambling, but we strongly advise you to watch it even if you are not a sports fan. 

Anime is not only a bright picture with loud and intriguing sounds, but it is also a deep storyline. The first anime creation in Japan was released in 1917, and anime has been changing and expanding its universe since that day. There are lots of means implemented to make anime the better version of itself even nowadays: for instance, two-dimensional graphics, motion pictures arts, as well as state-of-the-art computer animation, of course. 

More Gambling-themed Animes to Watch 

Apart from the aforementioned ones, there are multiple other animations which we highly enjoy and even included them in our personal list of anime favourites. And some of them are somehow slightly related to our topic, hat being gambling. We believe it is a good thing to share good things with others, so we decided to make another small listing with the highly advised animes with the gaming features in the plot. We present to you our best 3 animes with only small elements of gambling included: 

1. Death Note

We believe that many anime admirers already know this anime, since it is very much popular even among non anime fans. Well, it may be not exactly the series you have expected to see in this listing, but we suppose it may be one of the most loved shows of yours. All of us admire the main protagonist Light Yagami, since he not only has a nice appearance, but a sharp mind as well. 

Death Note isn't really connected to gaming, but not until you dig deeper. 

As some of you may not know, the series tells us about a brilliant teen, who is kind of a psychopath and his desire is to modify the world in accordance with  his own vision. 

Once he finds an unusual notebook with the words ‘Death Note’ on it. As a part of this notebook, Light gets a black figure called Jabami Yumeko, who is actually a spirit from the netherworld whose only passion is apples. And guess what? Their intellectual mind blowing games aimed at sheer manipulation with incredibly high stakes... don’t they remind you of anything? And who will be the winner who takes it all? 

2. Food Wars

This is a perfect choice for those who enjoy eating in style! The story takes place in the Tootsuki Culinary Academy, where the leading cooks compete against each other in the real food wars, or shokugeki. Here, only the greatest can succeed. So it's time for our main character Somato to appear on the scene. Such a thrill! Foods combined with gambling -what could be better?

3. Naruto

Whether you watched this legendary series or not, you must have definitely heard of it. Most of us have watched it since we were kids, and probably all of us have some protagonists which we admire the most. But you may ask yourself a question: why would they put this iconic, though not related to gaming show in the list? Well, it is all because of Tsunade. Do you remember her as one of the Hokages? Yes, amazing character and admiringly strong woman with powers to heal others in addition to her hot temper. But you can also know that she was quite a gambler herself, and the passion to gambling she got from her grandfather. She wasn’t really good at playing, but she had a strong craving and kept on trying. Viewers can see her quite funny and, obviously, unsuccessful attempts in multiple series. We believe that despite that, she is really a charming character, so go watch by yourself if you haven’t yet had a chance to do it! 

We did a thorough research for you and shared it with you, but that is time to put an end to our article about the top animes with the gambling included in the plot, so, hopefully, you find the provided information useful and entertaining, and were able to discover a new series to add it to the watch-later list of yours! 

In case you get a craving to gamble, but don't know yet where it is better to do, we advise you to check our Casino Maxi website and select any gambling destination that suits you. Our detailed reviews will help you, of course. So, have a great time watching anime and good luck! 


Being a real professional Samantha supposes that the success of gambling depends on the proper strategical approach. For every game can be created a unique approach and for Samantha there is nothing better than analysis of the gameplay, reveal of the best gambling technics and creation of new reviews about card games. 


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That’s why our experts have created a special guideline for you that will help you to avoid all the crucial aspects while claiming for a no deposit offer. Let’s get it started!

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Okay, but how to find such a section? You may simply look on the bottom of the casino’s official website. Right after you have scrolled down to the footer and clicked on the link, you are able to get to know about all the details of what the casino offers - Usually, it’s all about the special no deposit limits. 

Don’t even try to skip reading this essential section! If you skip all the reward’s details and benefits, you may appear in a tricky situation and even lose your funds! That’s why it’s highly recommendable to study thoroughly all the data presented on the Terms & Conditions web page. 

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Conditions section in advance so as to not to skip the main details of the offer. Moreover, you may also find there some truly interesting aspects, such as once you are trying to claim one reward multiple times or even without having a complete registration, then you may be banned by the platform or appear under suspension.

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Moreover, the majority of gambling platforms involve a special clause in the T&C which deactivates the user’s ability to cash-out his bankroll right after you have activated your bonus. Below you'll find different ways how the casino disables your bankroll.  

The most frequent way to disable the user’s withdrawals is a special play requirement. What does it mean? For instance, you have received a bonus of 20 dollars right after you have completed your registration, then you need to play out only 15 dollars. In fact, you have received 5 dollars and now think that that’s completely free bonus cash. 

Congratulations, you have already made a common misstep of the majority of the gamblers - with all no deposit offers there’s always a minimum cash-out limit or withdrawal limit. In that case, such a limit will block your ability to withdraw your “bonus cash” unless you have regained your cash while gambling in one of the titles. 

Remember that it’s not impossible to regain your funds from such a no deposit offer, but in fact you should do plenty of work. Actually, it’s still highly recommendable to read the website’s Terms & Conditions section in advance so as to better understand the necessary requirements. You may find there the cash withdraw requirements, the details of the Welcome Offer and all its tricks. Only after that you will be able to operate a no deposit offer properly. 

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10 exciting books on the gambling topic you should read

Frankly speaking, when you hear the world “gambling”, you don’t actually associate it with reading different literature. Nevertheless, there is still plenty of essential non-fiction and fiction literature about gambling. The book market is fulfilled with different kinds of exciting books, so it was rather hard to choose 10 best books about gamblers and gambling. Moreover, our experts had to leave out several pretty essential guides for gamblers, real-life profiles of the world-prominent gamblers and even some interesting novels. In the end, we understood that we have created a true mix of various styles and genres. In the list below you may find completely different topics from a prize-winning classic to some real-life criminal stories. Read our list of top 10 exciting books and enjoy!


Once you truly adore several exciting novels about real mobsters, hate and love, then this book was created for you! The book named “Casino : Love and Horror in Las Vegas”  was written by Nelson Pileggi, who was working as a crime reporter. The main actions in the book describe the gambling scene in 1970s Las Vegas. The plot tells us about the dealings of the two mafioso named Anthony Spioltro and  Frank Rosenthal. Moreover, there’s a prominent film adaptation of the book directed by Martin Scorsese. There you may find such star-studded cast as Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro.


Once you are an ordinary gambler, then you have probably heard about the technique called card counting which may help the gamblers to place their stakes properly. The professor of mathematics from MIT named Edward O. Thorp was the card counting pioneer researcher, who has described all the methods and probabilities of this technique. Nevertheless, there were six MIT students who made a research considering card counting while playing blackjack and placing amazingly high stakes at the most prominent casinos in the United States. 

The team won a gigantic sum of money (around 3 million dollars) and dominated the casino edge by exploiting the methods of perfected mathematics which were applied to the blackjack rules. The book also shows us the hard work you should do so as to become a professional blackjack gambler. 

Despite the fans of the book estimating it as a true real-life story, it also involves plenty of fictional elements worth to be mentioned. Nevertheless, once you are a true gambling enthusiast, the book is a perfect solution for you and a great inspiration.

Apr 06, 21

We did a thorough research for you and shared it with you, but that is time to put an end to our article about the top animes with the gambling included in the plot, so, hopefully, you find the provided information useful and entertaining, and were able to discover a new series to add it to the watch-later list of yours! 

In case you get a craving to gamble, but don't know yet where it is better to do, we advise you to check our Casino Maxi website and select any gambling destination that suits you. Our detailed reviews will help you, of course. So, have a great time watching anime and good luck! 

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