The main aim of most casinos from all over the world is in attracting more and more customers. For instance, they tend to provide their users with luxury items so as to make them feel as high rollers. Nevertheless, beneficial promotions and affordable service aren’t enough to isolate them from their opponents. It usually appears that the small gambling platforms and the gambling platforms with tiny game selection can’t even compete with those gambling mastodons with huge selection of titles and more bonuses to choose from. 

How can they get noticed? By involving various gimmicks, of course! That’s why plenty of small gambling platforms have such unusual themes and locations. It’s a common fact that all gamblers seek for something unique, thrilling or untraditional so as to experience something completely new and different. Our experts have created top five most exotic gambling platforms where you may gamble not only for luck, but for unusual experiences. Let’s take a look!

Desert cave casino and hotel

In the Australian town Coober-Pedy you may experience truly unique emotions, as the whole town is literally situated under the ground! There are plenty of hotels, shops and buildings! Moreover, the town also involves an excellent underground casino that is literally hewn from the sand caves. As you have already understood, all the town is built from the limestone. The casino’s exotic design lures the tourists and the gamblers from all the world - it’s always exciting to see such a miracle in the center of a desert!

To add more, such an unusual cave casino provides its gamblers with over 15 types of poker games. You don’t need to bother about how to get there, as the casino will offer you a transfer from and to Ghan Airport despite the fact that it is situated so far away. The casino involves plenty of restaurants, bars and cafes. Moreover, you may find there such amenities as completely free Wi-Fi and the tours to Coober Pedy during the day. 

Casino Jet Lounge

Usually the process of travelling by plane may be uncomfortable and restraining. It doesn’t matter which class have you chosen - it’s always unpleasant to spend plenty of time in one position doing nothing! That’s why the Airjet company has created an unusual activity to entertain all the passengers during the flight. And most of them will remember this flight till the rest of their lives!

The special Casino Jet Lounge has updated not solely the way the passenger gambles, but also the way he flies. For instance, the plane involves a stylish lounge area with elegant bar, friendly croupier and plenty of table games instead of the ordinary seats and aisles. Moreover, all the passengers are able to walk, play card games, have a drink  and even dance while the plane flies. Isn’t it exotic?

Yes, it’s absolutely legal to place money stakes while being in the air! Frankly speaking, this experience is truly unusual and unique. The interior decor of the plane was created with soft lighting, natural wood, leather and white stone, which makes the passengers feel the truly luxurious atmosphere of a real gambling platform. Moreover, the passengers of such classes as VIP, business class and first class are able to pass their time in a truly relaxed atmosphere with luxury interior decor, elegant croupier, drinks and a bit of gambling while the plane is flying.

  • The main aim of most casinos from all over the world is in attracting more and more customers.
  • Rivers Casino has its own gambling website.
  • It's absolutely legal to gamble while flying.

Rivers Casino

Yes, that’s exactly what you have thought of! In Des Plaines town, Illinois, you may find a unique Rivers Casino which is literally situated on the shallow water so as to avoid the gambling law of a state which restricts all the casinos despite those functioning on riverboats. Such exotic location is a few meters away from the O’Hare Airport that’s why you may see not only local gamblers there, but also plenty of tourists from worldwide as well. Moreover, the casino has a website where you may enjoy its selection of titles online!

Rivers casino involves a huge selection of titles. You may find there luxurious bars and restaurants where you may enjoy the local dishes. It doesn’t matter which type of casino games you prefer most - be sure that in Rivers Casino you may find everything you want! Even those who adore betting on sports will find this option there. 

Resorts World Genting

The Resorts World Genting complex is situated at Pahang, Malaysia, and is literally one of the world's unreachable casinos as it is situated on the summit of Ulu Kai mountain. Fortunately, all the visitors have a perfect choice of more than 6 various hotels - that’s why they don’t need to bother about permanent travelling. 

The summit of the mountain is basically the only spot in the country where you may pick out a casino. Sky Casino and Genting Casino resorts involve plenty of different games and amenities. Moreover, all the visitors truly adore the fascinating view of snowy mountains and blue sky. 

Several gamblers think that such a remote spot will limit the entertainment options, but basically it’s not true. All two casinos have plenty of amenities, such as concert halls, showrooms, cineplex and various theme parks.Once you have decided to visit Mount Ulu Kai, then you’ll definitely experience plenty of unforgettable emotions during your trip. 

Grosvenor casino

Imagine you have arrived in Birmingham. You have called a cab so as to enjoy the spirits of the traditional British taxi. You open a back door and see… a casino inside! 

It’s literally one of the tiniest casinos you have ever seen! Grosvenor Casino provides the gambler with completely new feelings and experience. Everything has started the summer of 2016, when the British Grosvenor casino has decided to customize traditional London cabs with a dedicated gambling table and a croupier inside. 

Moreover, the cab includes a TV set, where you may enjoy sports channels, a bar table and a possibility to gamble on the Internet. Once you want to go to the original land based Grosvenor casino without paying any cash, then you may use Grosvenor Taxi!  Once you are not going to visit an original Grosvenor casino, then you may give the casino kind of free donation. 

Usually you may find such an exotic taxi in Birmingham, England. Nevertheless, the casino may also have a tour among British cities while promoting the campaign called “Playyourway” created by Jo Blundell, who is basically the Grosvenor’s marketing and sales director. He mentions that every single person who sees the can is able to sit into it and receive a portion of truly unique and unbelievable emotions while heading to the destination point.


The main idea of the current gambling industry is that it isn’t limited by any boundaries. It is literally developing every single day so as to entertain its customers and attract the newcomers. Every single gambling house aims to provide its gamblers with truly unforgettable experiences.

Okay, what is an unusual casino phenomenon nowadays? As you may see referring to our article, the casinos may involve various key features such as the location or the size of the casino etc. For instance, the casino may be located on the top of the mountain or in a desert cave so the gambler may discover the Earth’s secrets while spinning the reels or placing bets. It’s always exciting to experience something completely new and unknown!

Or you may try the Casino Jet Lounge once you prefer first-class and VIP class flights. What can be greater than passing your free time by playing card games and talking to an elegant croupier? Or you prefer an unusual river experience at the Rivers Casino, where you may find the finest selection of trendiest casino titles? Choose the suitable variant and try it on!

Love the British theme and travelling by taxi? Then you definitely should pick out the Grosvenor Casino  taxi which isn’t only comfortable but pretty entertaining as well! For all the gamblers enjoying exotic climates the Resorts World Genting casino is a perfect solution! Of course, it’s pretty complicated to reach the mountain’s summit, but it’s definitely worth it. Moreover, the views are truly breathtaking.

You adore deserts and wild nature? Then the Desert Cave gambling house is the best solution for you. It is situated in the Australian town named Cooper - Peddy and involves a huge selection of various titles. All the gambling rooms are built from the limestone, so it’s a truly unique experience you should try!

Once you are still wondering where to go on your vacations, then we highly recommend you to try the aforementioned casinos. Usually such casinos are situated near hotels or resorts so it will be no problem to pick out all the necessary amenities such as Wi-Fi, restaurants, recreation zones and cinemas. 


"I adore slots!" Slots truly make the Ashley's lifestyle, that's why she's more than 4 years writes about them at our website. Of course, Ashley have tried various online titles such as roulette, craps or baccarat, but slots are what she likes the most. She gets maximum pleasure out of making spins and seeing how the outcome is growing. Ashley is a real slots expert, so read her article once you want to stay tuned about all the slots' tips and tricks.


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The Best 5 Gambling Animes

We have great news for those who admire anime! We have decided to make the listing of the best films that are related to gambling, so we hope you will find this information exciting. To collect all this information, we have carried out some research and of course, we have sore eyes because we have watched tons of series lately… Now, it is time to share the result and discuss the best animes with the gambling theme. So, grab your popcorn and let’s find the best series for you together! 

About Anime and its Characteristics

Many people may not be aware of what exactly anime is, so let’s speak about it for a second. For people who are unfamiliar with the term ‘anime’, it basically comes from the word ‘animation’. So, basically, anime presupposes Japanese animated cartoons, to put it simply. Animations are drawn by hand and with the help of the computer. The graphics and the very style in which anime is drawn became really popular all around the world and was partially acquired by the Western industry. 

There are various forms of anime known to modern viewers: kodomo being a treat for kids, shoujo being targeted at the girls auditory, shounen for males, and even hentai, or simply an animated pornography, which targets at the grown-up auditory, or adult animes with really complex and mostly vicious plot-twists. 

If you get a desire to gamble at the top gambling sites in 2021 after watching these series we provide for you below, you can find the most reliable casinos on our Casino Maxi website!

Apr 08, 21


Mathematics of Gambling

General information

Online software has a long history and it has changed a lot for the past two decades, but the main goal of it remained. Slot machines, for instance, are designed in such a way so as to bring advantage to a house all the time, even when a player wins. And this is exactly how casinos use math to make money on all possible players' outcomes. There are specific math computations implemented in the software by the developers which estimate the payout rates and when to display these or that lucky symbols on the reels. So everything is thought outery well thought out.

Yes, it is a tough reality of the gambling world. But the point is, not only casinos can take advantage of math computations, but the players can make use of it as well! Thanks to math, gamers are able to make predictions on the following card dealt by a dealer or next symbol that will be generated. Precise computations create a great benefit for players and give a great opportunity to overcome the house edge and win big. But of course, it is not as easy as it may sound. Most of the professional successful gamblers have years of experience and skills as the background, their math skills mastered and tactics are tested and considered working. These players always go one step ahead of the house. So, math takes the players’ advantage to the next level, but it requires years of practice and improving. Lots of amusing books have been issued by various gamblers where the authors try to discover all secrets of math мы gambling. We can share with our readers on how to use math computations in different ways when you want to have advantage over the house. 

Mathematics and Gambling

Over the time, some methods became quite commonly used as they are considered working as they are based on math calculations. Even methods that are reliable on the predictions and probabilities are still backed up by math.We are here to discuss some of them and provide examples of these tactics many gamblers take advantage of while playing at betting houses or platforms. It is feasible for every person who has a desire to learn and implement some basic mathematical tricks in the gameplay. 

Apr 08, 21



Of course, all the newcomers tend to make mistakes sometimes. And usually no deposit offers at the gambling platform are the most crucial factor as the newcomer feels that there’s a chance to get a reward before he makes a deposit. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? No deposit offers may be truly tempting!

That’s why our experts have created a special guideline for you that will help you to avoid all the crucial aspects while claiming for a no deposit offer. Let’s get it started!

You haven’t read Terms & Conditions section on the website

We highly recommend you to check the website’s terms & conditions section in advance so as to avoid the majority of possible mistakes made by the newcomers. It’s all because the Terms and Conditions help the gambler to get to know about all the website’s user requirements which are not usually set in the ordinary bonus section. So you should check it  before withdrawing your winnings or claiming for a no deposit offer.

Okay, but how to find such a section? You may simply look on the bottom of the casino’s official website. Right after you have scrolled down to the footer and clicked on the link, you are able to get to know about all the details of what the casino offers - Usually, it’s all about the special no deposit limits. 

Don’t even try to skip reading this essential section! If you skip all the reward’s details and benefits, you may appear in a tricky situation and even lose your funds! That’s why it’s highly recommendable to study thoroughly all the data presented on the Terms & Conditions web page. 

Usually there are placed all the particulars you haven’t probably known, such as the offer’s betting requirements, the expiry date, the time you need to claim your winnings and which titles are suitable for a bonus offer. Moreover, you may also find there the minimum and maximum limits for a withdrawal. 

Conditions section in advance so as to not to skip the main details of the offer. Moreover, you may also find there some truly interesting aspects, such as once you are trying to claim one reward multiple times or even without having a complete registration, then you may be banned by the platform or appear under suspension.

You want to cash out right away the bonus cash

Frankly speaking, such a mistake is one of the most frequent and usually raises plenty of misunderstanding among the amateour gamblers. You should mind the fact that the credit appeared on your bankroll isn’t actually the “free” cash which may be withdrawn right away. Unfortunately, usually such bonus cash may be exploited only while playing several titles on the website.

Moreover, the majority of gambling platforms involve a special clause in the T&C which deactivates the user’s ability to cash-out his bankroll right after you have activated your bonus. Below you'll find different ways how the casino disables your bankroll.  

The most frequent way to disable the user’s withdrawals is a special play requirement. What does it mean? For instance, you have received a bonus of 20 dollars right after you have completed your registration, then you need to play out only 15 dollars. In fact, you have received 5 dollars and now think that that’s completely free bonus cash. 

Congratulations, you have already made a common misstep of the majority of the gamblers - with all no deposit offers there’s always a minimum cash-out limit or withdrawal limit. In that case, such a limit will block your ability to withdraw your “bonus cash” unless you have regained your cash while gambling in one of the titles. 

Remember that it’s not impossible to regain your funds from such a no deposit offer, but in fact you should do plenty of work. Actually, it’s still highly recommendable to read the website’s Terms & Conditions section in advance so as to better understand the necessary requirements. You may find there the cash withdraw requirements, the details of the Welcome Offer and all its tricks. Only after that you will be able to operate a no deposit offer properly. 

Apr 06, 21

Once you are still wondering where to go on your vacations, then we highly recommend you to try the aforementioned casinos. Usually such casinos are situated near hotels or resorts so it will be no problem to pick out all the necessary amenities such as Wi-Fi, restaurants, recreation zones and cinemas. 

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