Even though you are a newcomer, then you have certainly heard about the marvelous game of online blackjack which is definitely one of the world’s trendiest titles. There are plenty of blackjack lovers in all the countries. Moreover, blackjack involves a low casino edge which makes the game even more profitable. 

Once twenty years ago you wanted to try your chances in blackjack, then you would have a chance to play blackjack only in a land based casino. Nowadays the situation has changed so as the technologies have developed and you may gamble while staying at home. 

We’ve created this informative article so as to tell you the detailed information considering the game of blackjack. Who knows, maybe there are several facts which you definitely haven’t known? The article contains several funny facts as well as the history of the game. Moreover, we’ve prepared a list for the Canadian gamblers with the top quality online blackjack titles. It doesn’t matter if you want to play for real funds or try the free demo version - read this informative article till the end to win more cash in the future. 

Blackjack’s gameplay and rules

You may find plenty of blackjack variations on different websites, but in fact all of them have the same foundation. The game of blackjack is one of the simplest casino titles ever described by our team. The main thing you should keep in mind is that the game’s main goal is to reach 21 points (or simply more points than the croupier) without exceeding this number. 

So, that’s the main action plan :

1.First of all you should choose the stake you want to place and place it;

2.All the gamblers and the croupier receive two cards. All the cards have different value as:

  • The cards from 2 to 10 give you the amount of points which adhere to their numbers
  • All the faces like Jacks, Queens and Kings have the value of 10 points
  • Once you have an Ace, remember that you may choose the value of 1 point or 11 points there

3. Right after you have seen your cards, you decide either to stand, double down, split or hit.

  • Hit is the drawn of a one extra card from the card deck so as to add the value of such a card to the common value of the points you have
  • Stand is for the game stop. You now don’t have a possibility to draw extra cards from the card deck
  • Split is for playing two hands and getting the other card to each of the initial cards. Keep in mind that you are able to choose split only when there are two same-valued cards
  • Double down is for doubling the initial bet at taking an extra card from the card deck;

4.Once the croupier has shown you the cards in his hand, the gamblers either score more points and win then or get fewer points and lose. Moreover, those gamblers with the points over 21 go “bust” and lose as well



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The tricks and tips

We’ve prepared most essential tricks which may help you to receive more winning chances while playing the game of blackjack. The first step is to gamble for fun so as to understand the rules and various wagering options of the game before real funds gambling. It’s important to keep in mind that your high bets may not result in higher winnings. You should be responsible for your actions, do not be led by emotions and enjoy the game process. It’s important not to think about luck and stay conscious. Control your feelings and actions.

Okay, now let’s speak about several practical tips. Once you get Aces or 8s, split them all the time. In case you have Faces which score you 10 points, never split them. Try to be on 17, always hit the Ace of 11 points and never buy insurance as it won’t help you to beat the croupier. 

The history of Blackjack

Several gamblers tend to think that blackjack is a rather modern game, but that’s not true. Generally, this game has a history of more than 300 years. Nevertheless, we can’t name the precise year of its invention, but when referring to history the earliest records were written in 1700. At the beginning of the 18th century blackjack was widely played in several French gambling houses. Moreover, there were other rules and the game was named “Vight-et-un” which in French means 21. 

There’s another story about the origin of the game which refers to Miguel de Cervantes, who was a prominent Spanish writer. He wrote a book where the gamblers are the main characters. The most trustworthy opinions claim that specifically the Romans started playing blackjack first - they were playing not cards, but special pieces of wood. 

In fact, in several years the game of blackjack became worldwide popular. Of course, its rules and name has changed due to some cultural and historical modifications. The colonists from France have taken the game and its rules to the USA (the gambling became legal in the beginning of XX century). In some years, the first casinos specialized mainly on blackjack have opened in Nevada and became extremely trendy among the American gamblers. The gambling houses tried to attract new customers by unique bets which were featured by black jacks so that’s why the title has changed its name to “Blackjack”. 


Douglas is an experienced writer and gambling observer. He writes about all types of titler for more than 6 years. At the website, Douglas thoroughly reviews all the upcoming sources so as to filter the information and provide the readers solely with the selected and useful data, which is definitely worth reading. He also analyses the gameplay of a selected title and tests various tactics so as to write about his gambling experience in his articles.


Choose the gambling platform for blackjack wisely

Our experts have reviewed plenty of titles from various software providers and now we can say without any doubt that the majority of blackjack titles are pretty simple to play - all you should know is the table limits and the mode of playing. Moreover, don’t even try to count cards! Seriously, especially while you are playing  live croupier blackjack. Most up-to-date titles may easily recognize a card counter and have a unique right to ask him to leave immediately. Several gambling platforms do even ban such gamblers so they appear at the blacklist.

Once you don’t know which provider to choose, we may recommend you to start with Evolution Gaming or NetEnt - the blackjack titles by such studios are the most immersive and traditional variations of the game. Moreover, you may get amazed by perfect animation and breathtaking soundtracks. 

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