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Bingo! Today we are going to speak about such a game as Bingo. The game itself came from Italy. It was first played there in the beginning of the sixteenth century by the original name of ‘beano’. Initially, the game was played with sacks and squares with numbers on them, but with years it has evolved to become the one that is familiar to modern players. It has gained an increase in popularity in the 1700s and its path started from this moment. 

Today, there are hundreds of online gambling platforms that have different variations of the bingo game. The main challenge for gamers is to find a reliable platform to gamble at. On our Casino Maxi website you will be able to find all necessary information about different providers that operate on the territory of Canada. We hope that our reviews will help you save time and your money while looking for the right operator. 

We want to tell you some essential information about the game of bingo that is played online on the betting platforms. 

How To Play Bingo

In case you haven’t ever tried to play bingo or just an amateur, we are going to tell the basics of this game. And even old bingo admirers will be able to learn something new and useful from this article. 

Classic game of bingo presupposes such consequence: 

The game starts after all gamers have received the tickets which look like the cards with lined up numbers. As a new random number is announced, players have to mark the numbers that are present on their cards. The aim is to be the first with all numbers crossed. After the player has marked all numbers that were called, he is to say ‘Bingo!’. 

In bingo there are several winning combinations that are 4 corners, 2 lines, one horizontal row, and a ‘full house’ of all fifteen numbers.

In online versions of bingo there are no so-called ‘callers’ who deal the tickets and announce the numbers. All its functions are carried out by the computer. The numbers are chosen with the help of Random Number Generator. 

These variations are not complicated at all and actually all you have to do is learn the essentials. Among multiple modifications of the bingo game, the most commonly played are 90-ball as well as 75-ball. By the way, an interesting fact is that in online gaming players are allowed to play with 45 cards. As soon as the new random number is shown, it is automatically crossed on your online card. 

As well as in a traditional bingo game, here the payout depends on the combination you’ve got. If you face some problems related to the rules of the games, there are always chat coordinators who will help you solve all the issues and provide you all necessary information. 

When played in clubs, the game sessions are usually planned beforehand at the set time because the game is played with a certain number of players. But when we speak of online sites with bingo in the games collection, they often have new sessions started every three minutes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all year round. This is a great advantage of online bingo. All sessions of various games are played in the dedicated bingo rooms, or halls. 


Types of Bingo Games

The original game of bingo in the United Kingdom is 90-ball, while in the States you will find a 75-ball variant more commonly played. We are going to tell you about the most notable versions played all around the globe.

So, our first game description will be about the 90-ball. It is a traditional variant where there are ninety balls, 15 numbers spread across the ticket in 3 rows with 5 numbers on each. In this classic variant the winner is the one with the full house. Sometimes players with 1 or 2 rows also receive some minor prizes. 

The ticket in the 75-ball bingo variant we are discussing is 5 x 5 with 75 balls. This variation is undoubtedly the favorite of Canadians. The lucky ones are those who got a full house, 2 lines or a cross-shaped match. 

80-ball is something between the two previous versions. The ticket in this case is  4 x 4. The winning combination will be corners, or a full house. 

You may have heard that the 30-ball game is frequently referred to as a speed game, because it is played really fast. The ticket in this type of bingo is only 3 x 3 and you can win only under the condition you have a full house. 

Tips To Succeed In Bingo

We want to provide the list of some notorious ingo tactics that may help you to improve the gaming skills you’ve got. 

The first one is to choose the bingo room with as few active gamblers as possible. Also, given you play online where you have a chance to play many cards simultaneously, buy several tickets in order to boost the chances of winning. Try to find the game with a promising jackpot but where the tickets don’t cost much. And always control your bankroll. 


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