Once you are looking for a great gambling platform of high quality to try real money baccarat, then you have chosen a perfect website to get to know more about the game of baccarat and its rules. By reading the information below, you will discover a detailed guide on how to play baccarat  and the best strategies and patterns aimed to enhance your winnings. It doesn’t matter whether the gambler is excited about the Punto Banco, Live croupier baccarat, Baccarat Banque or Chemin de Fer - you’ll definitely find there plenty of essential tips and tricks which may appear extremely useful while gambling in both the land based gambling houses and online based casinos. The first thing with which we want to start is about the main baccarat features which attract gamblers the most such as: 

  • The lowest casino edge which amounts to 0.5972%
  • One of the most trendy and widely played titles online and in land based casinos
  • A few game variations and several side bets suitable for the most experienced gamblers.

It also doesn’t matter whether you prefer gambling via your desktop, tablet or smartphone - we guarantee you unforgettable emotions and diverse gambling experience which involves plenty of various cash-in and cash-out options and a 24/7 customer support in a Live Chat - all the casinos with such conditions are collected at our website, so enjoy! All you should do is to read this article thoroughly so as to learn how to play such a simple but profitable title. Share your experience with the other gamblers and play for fun and real funds! 

Baccarat History

It’s not actually important to know the baccarat’s history in detail to win great sums of money and apply efficient strategies. Nevertheless, statistics proves that those gamblers who are informed about the origin of the game they choose to play are more interested in the game process. 

Actually,  several historians tend to think that the story of baccarat began in Italy, while the others think that this incredible game was invented in France. In fact, the majority of historians agree that the inventor of the game was a prominent Italian gambler Felix Falguiere. He developed the game in Italy, and later it was brought to Paris and became widespread there. At the beginning of the XV century there were two French variations of baccarat as Baccarat Banque and Chemin de Fer, but several years later appeared one more baccarat variation named Punto Banco. As usual, the game of baccarat was definitely the game of aristocracy, but the situation has changed when the French gamblers of the XIX moved to the USA as immigrants and brought the game with them. 

We have no doubt that the game of baccarat has opened a new era of table games in world gambling history. We can only wonder about the future of this exciting title, but what we know precisely is that the gamblers may now choose either to gamble for real funds or to try the free baccarat variation. 



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Why should I try Baccarat?

The game of Baccarat is pretty simple but still has some tricky features to mention, There are two different sides of the game which are considered as counterparts - the banker and the player. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer the real funds baccarat variations or free mode, the set of basic rules stays the same, so the banker should always play against the player. The main aim of the game is in getting 9 points or something approximate. All the cards are counted as 2 to 9 when the number of the points you get adheres to the cards’ values (3 counts as 3 and 8 counts as 8). Keep in mind that the cards from 10 to King have no value and  Ace values as 1 point. Once the overall count is bigger than 9, then only the recent digit is counted. For instance, in 19 points we take into consideration only 9.  

The play may have three different results - in the first one the banker scores a win, in the second the player scores a win and in the third one there’s a tie. The hand of the banker is paid at 95%, the hand of the player is paid at 100% and while there’s a tie then it is paid at 800%. The play starts when the player wagers so the banker should issue two cards in front of  the player and himself. These rules are the basic ones, but nevertheless there are several overtones :

  • The player’s hand should always stay on the points from 6 to 9 so that the player isn’t able to add extra cards to these two cards which he already possesses. Once it has happened, the player receives another card out of the deck;
  • Once the player has chosen to stand, then the banker should draw extra card (but only if all his previous cards create 0-5 points in total);
  • According to several variations of baccarat the player is able to choose either to draw the card to get 5 points or to stand. 

The greatest online gambling platforms usually offer the user a set of three various  baccarat types as Punto Banco, Baccarat Banque and Chemin de Fer. All of them may slightly differ by rules applied but the game’s main idea stays the same.

Most efficient tips

Once you are craving to try real money baccarat, then it will be optimal to learn the proper game tips first. Our team of experts have prepared some most efficient tips which may definitely help you to do your best while playing baccarat. So once you’ll follow our advice properly, then you’ll  definitely get big payouts. It’s a common fact that nobody is able to beat a casino over the long term, but the greatest baccarat enjoyers feel the moment when it’s necessary to quit the play and take all the winnings. That’s why we highly recommend you to try the advice below and to score big wins! Moreover, try to use the demo mode first so as not to make serious mistakes in the future. 

Choose a strategy

Like every other gambling game, to succeed in baccarat the gambler should apply various strategies. They may be complex or quite simple, so it’s up to you to choose. For instance, you may choose the patterns, one-sided wagers, positive or negative progressions but try to bet less for the first time. It will be less painful when you make a mistake once you have wagered one dollar! Try to increase the amount of your bet step by step - don’t be driven by strong feelings! All the experienced gamblers control their emotions so as to act rationally and not to ruin all their winnings. 

Track your bankroll

Once you’ve decided to try several variations of baccarat as European baccarat, American baccarat or real baccarat with bitcoins you can’t actually foresee the possible outcome - it’s like playing slots. Such unpredictability makes the game much more complicated to play so the gambler should track his bankroll. This advice is extremely important once you are exploiting several strategies which are based on real funds. In case your bankroll is becoming smaller and smaller then you should leave the game and rethink your actions so as not to make such mistakes in the future. Moreover, do not be emotional! It will be better to stay calm and think about your odds instead. 

How to choose a proper operator to play baccarat?

Once you want to pick out a proper gambling platform to play baccarat then you should take into consideration several factors such as the general credibility of the platform, its legal status, VIP programs, generous bonuses, the variety of banking methods and the reliable software providers. It doesn’t matter whether you want to play craps, baccarat, video poker or roulette - these factors stay the same for all the aforementioned games. For instance, our experts were ranking the gambling platforms based on these principles. 

  • The reliable software providers - always check the software providers list before picking out a particular gambling platform! Read the Terms and Conditions section thoroughly so as to avoid tricky situations in the future. Once the platform is “probably fair”, then don’t use it!
  • The variety of banking methods. The leading gambling platforms provide the gambler with more than 15 banking options such as various eWallets, cryptocurrencies, debit and credit cards, mobile adaptive payment systems and direct bank transfers. 
  • Bonus offers. Once you want to gain profit in two-three deposits then take a look at the bonus promotions and offers section at the platform’s webpage. The leading platforms usually include high-roller offers, weekend and holiday discounts, VIP programs, match bonuses and welcome offers. Moreover, there could be a generous no wagering bonus!
  • VIP programs. In case you got used to the highest level of convenience, generous everyday offers, VIP tournaments, big stakes and greater payouts, then pick the platform with a tasty VIP offer so as to receive a huge amount of free cash and spins. 
  • Legal status. Our platform co-operates solely with the top-level baccarat operators, which have all the necessary licenses and certifications. All of them have a special SSL-encryption which prevents your personal data from being hacked. 

Don’t be shy - go and try any baccarat operator from the list below!


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