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Once you are searching for extra information about online gambling on the Internet, it will be rather hard to find a proper trustable source of information. Nowadays the Internet is full of spam, ads and fake news so once you are a newcomer it will be rather complicated. That’s why our team has decided to create an original website dedicated to help the gamblers - provide them with news and useful information. 

Casinomaxi.ca is a special website for the gamblers and enthusiasts which are interested in winning real money while gambling. Our experienced authors write about interesting facts and prominent gamblers, observe the greatest bonuses available and share the tastiest promotions. Stay with us so as to know more about the complex universe of online casinos. 

Casinos stay the favorite hobby of most people for centuries. They amuse and entertain us as well as provide us with new unforgettable emotions. Nowadays the majority of casinos are now relocated to the Internet. Read our newsletter and reviews to stay acknowledged about the gambling tendencies at Casinomaxi.ca.

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Trustworthy reviews

Our experts thoroughly examine every single fact and all its sources - we study and compile the details, taking into consideration various points of views. In our team you may find the top writers and gamblers which are happy to pick out the catching facts for our beloved followers. 


Great selection of bonuses

We’ve collected a marvelous selection of bonuses and promotions. On the “bonuses” page you may find the freshest information about the most profitable brand new bonuses. Our experts test all the bonuses by themselves so as to avoid further inconveniences. 


Informative guides

At the “guides” section you may find the best manuals and guidelines which help you to ameliorate your results and win more funds. Here you can find several useful articles and checklists on how to become a professional and successful gambler. 


Interesting articles

We always try to collect the most valuable and worthwhile articles, in which you may read some interviews with the top-rated gambling bloggers, know more about the games’ history as well as study something completely new. Let’s try!

Our Team


Ashley Johnson, Author

"I adore slots!" Slots truly make the Ashley's lifestyle, that's why she's more than 4 years writes about them at our website. Of course, Ashley have tried various online titles such as roulette, craps or baccarat, but slots are what she likes the most. She gets maximum pleasure out of making spins and seeing how the outcome is growing. Ashley is a real slots expert, so read her article once you want to stay tuned about all the slots' tips and tricks.


Douglas Riley, Author

Douglas is an experienced writer and gambling observer. He writes about all types of titler for more than 6 years. At the website, Douglas thoroughly reviews all the upcoming sources so as to filter the information and provide the readers solely with the selected and useful data, which is definitely worth reading. He also analyses the gameplay of a selected title and tests various tactics so as to write about his gambling experience in his articles.


Travis Nickson, SEO

My specialization is in promoting large-scale ideas and guiding them to success. All the marketing processes of the project are extremely important to me, that's why my passion is in making the best out of the product right from the development stage. Moreover, I'm truly proud of how my team successfully deals with all the difficulties and creates a full product of good quality in the end. It's very important to love your job and work hard so as to create something truly splendid.


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